UK university students wasted £1bn in a year on empty accommodation
-Average student has so far paid £1,621 in rent for unrefunded empty rooms, survey finds


(There has been a patchy response from universities, private halls of residence and landlords, with some refusing discounts while others have offered full rebates.)


The average student has so far paid £1,621 in rent for empty rooms for which they have not received a refund, according to an annual survey of 1,300 university students by money advice website Save the Student.

理财网站Save The student对1300名大学生进行了一项年度调查,结果显示,到目前为止,每个学生平均为空房支付了1621英镑的租金,而且还没有收到退款。

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, the National unx of Students’ vice-president for higher education, said: “Students have been consistently exploited and ignored during this pandemic. We are seen as cash cows, with many stuck paying extortionate rents for properties they either cannot use or cannot afford.”

全国学生联盟负责高等教育事务的副主席Hillary Gyebi-Ababio说:“在这场大流行期间,学生们一直受到剥削和忽视。我们被当成摇钱树,许多人不得不为他们无法使用或负担不起的房产支付着高得像敲诈一般的租金。”

Students’ anger with high rents, which Save the Student estimates take up three-quarters of their maintenance loans at an average of £146 per week, boiled over on UK campuses this term as students launched the largest rent strike in 40 years.

学生们对高昂房租的愤怒在本学期爆发了,学生们发起了40年来最大规模的房租抗议。据Save the Student估计,租金占据了学生们四分之三的生活费支出,平均每周146英镑。

There has been a patchy response from universities, private halls of residence and landlords, with some refusing discounts while others have offered full rebates. The survey suggests a third of students have been offered a discount, which averages at £75, though this has been extended to just 6% of students in private rentals. Half of the those surveyed were unhappy with their accommodation provider’s response.


The government has so far responded to students’ financial concerns with £70m in additional hardship funding, a figure that falls short of more generous packages in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Most students have been asked to remain at the address where they spent Christmas – in many cases their family homes – during lockdown. Plans for their return are expected to be announced next week, although university leaders are preparing for the possibility that many students will not be allowed on campus until 17 May, shortly before the end of the teaching year. St Andrews University and the London School of Economics have already told students that most will study online for the remainder of the year.


Universities UK said: “Decisions on accommodation costs are a matter for individual universities, taking into account the circumstances at their institutions and of their students. But with the vast majority of students not renting university-owned accommodation, there is an ongoing issue about support for those with contracts in the private sector as well as assistance for non-residential students who have been financially hit by the pandemic.”